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This website has been launched recently this year, so it’s fresh exclusive content. Kira Noir is playing a news anchor, Samantha Hays playing a YouTuber, Naomi Swann playing a cleaning lady… Like I’ve said, there are a whole bunch of different scenarios. They provide you with kinky fetishes and perverted fantasies. Basically, the concept is to get you familiar with a nice-looking girl, usually a professional or an employee. You know, someone who you would typically have a professional relationship with, without getting too personal or too close. Breaking that barrier and doing nasty things to this person who you would only meet in a “formal” environment is kind of the point of the site.

There are 15 exclusive video updates at the moment, and new ones are added every week. LookAtHerNow.com covers a wide variety of niches, like Blowjob, Creampie, BDSM, Femdom, Deep Throat, Anal Sex, Outdoor Sex, etc., etc. You’ll watch these hot chicks sucking dick, getting fucked in their dripping wet pussies, having their tight assholes drilled… It gets pretty wild. This isn’t really female-friendly porn. I mean, the whole point of these vids is to watch these “decent” girls being humiliated and fucked for the camera. Doing nasty things to them like spraying them with cum and stretching their holes.

This porn is meant to get these dirty fantasies out of your system, you know? Like, for example, when you go to class, and the teacher looks super-nice in her professional, work-appropriate outfit. You know, dressed like a “nice, decent lady.” She’s not dressed slutty or provocative; she looks hard to picture doing nasty things, but you still do imagine her. You try your best in your mind. She treats you formally, and you, in return, treat her formally, too, and with respect. But you can’t help but wonder what she would look like going deep throat on your hard cock, dripping gag spit from her chin.

You picture this teacher of yours riding your cock like a wild woman that’s releasing all of her pent-up passion. She feels so wet on your dick, and she’s thrusting her hips, and wiggling them; she’s twisting and twitching all over you, pressing her nice tits on your face so you can suck and lick her nipples. She’s clutching your skin, scratching your back with her fingertips, all wild and out of control for your dick. You want to fill her up with your jizz, shove your tongue in her mouth, choke her, bite her lips…

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