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For those of you still not familiar with Vitaly, he’s this crazy dude just living it up, coming up with shit on the go, and making it big. On his website, Vitaly Uncensored, you’ll get to watch footage of his crazy adventures. Get this Vitaly Uncensored discount and check it out for a cheap price. You’re gonna fucking love what’s inside.

So, Vitaly started out doing YouTube videos. He and his stunning girlfriend have a unique relationship in which they encourage each other to just go for it. To just stop being afraid of doing shit. Over time, his pranks started to get perhaps a bit too explicit and sexual for YouTube, and I guess the censors didn’t stop giving him shit about it, so he said, “Fuck them!” and launched his own fucking site. It’s called VitalyUncensored.com because on it he gets to do whatever the fuck he wants without being bothered by censorship. That’s what he’s encouraging everybody to do, just to do whatever the fuck they want.

Not everybody can pull off what Vitaly does, though. It takes a certain attitude and frame of mind. He’s acting on things on the spot. He doesn’t wait. Remember that whole bath salt incident with the guy eating some other guy’s face off, and then people thought zombies were coming? Well, Vitaly acted on that shit right away, and just two days after that news, he pulled a prank on people dressed up as a zombie. He would chase them, and they would run like crazy. These videos are YouTube appropriate, and that’s how Vitaly started. But then he realized that sex sells more.

So, Vitaly actually wanted to be an actor, but he didn’t want to go through all that fucking audition bullshit, you know? He thought he would start some shit, get followers, become popular, and then it would be way easier for him to get parts and stuff, skipping auditions and shit like that. He was doing great on YouTube, but he needed to step it up. YouTube actually got too small for him, he needed something bigger, and that’s how Vitaly Uncensored was launched. The site is doing really well.

Without YouTube’s censorship, Vitaly can show you titties, asses, and a whole bunch of other dirty stuff that he wasn’t allowed to show on YouTube. His pranks became more sexual as I’ve said. He has chicks dressed up as cops stopping bikers and then flashing their big tits at them. He has girls doing a whole bunch of crazy shit in public. This guy just doesn’t give a fuck. He thinks of an idea, and he goes for it.

There are more than 60 exclusive video updates on Vitaly Uncensored. Get your hands on Vitaly Uncensored discount right now while the offer is available and check out his stuff. Hit the JOIN button and follow him on his crazy adventures.

Vitaly Uncensored Discount

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